Suspension Bush Kits

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Suspension Bush Kits are used to position suspension and steering components such as sway bars, shock absorbers, torsion bars and control arms. In addition bushes help absorb road shock and enhance comfort while some are designed to reduce noise vibration and harshness.


Worn bushes can cause rapid tyre wear, loose or pulling steering and in some cases effect braking and handling. Bushes are made from a number of different materials including rubber and polyurethane.


By upgrading the original bushes to superior Pedders products which are designed for specific use, a vehicle's general handling and its ability to perform in certain conditions can be dramatically improved.

Features/ Benefits of our kits:

  • All products are as per OE design and OE specification
  • OE certified manufacturer
  • 100% testing of the product
  • Parts are phosphated and anti-rust oil applied to prevent corrosion.
  • Best Quality & Long Lasting
  • Largest range of suspension bushes in India (for the Aftermarket)
  • Various pack sizes available to suit the various needs, requirements and budgets of customers

Bushes are a type of vibration isolator. These provide an interface between two metal parts, damping the energy transmitted through the bushing. These separate the faces of two metal objects while allowing a certain amount of movement. A rubber bushing may also be described as a flexible mounting or anti vibration mounting.


Depending on the application some of the different types of anti-vibration parts are:

  • Control arm bushes
  • Stabilizer Bushes
  • Anti-roll bar bushes
  • Balance rod Bushes
  • Leaf spring Bushes & other rubber to metal bonded bushes
  • Other rubber bushes such as Strut Bushes, Coil Springs, Spring pads etc.

Depending on the vehicle, different combinations of above types are used to form suspension kits. These bushes/ anti vibration parts (NVH) ensures the smooth and noise free running of the vehicle. In order to ensure best ride for you, each and every part undergoes testing and quality check at various stages of the production such as:

  • Multiple axis endurance testing with effect of Temperature
  • Dynamic Testing
  • Ozone & Dispersion Testing
  • Static Testing
  • Chemical testing
  • Aging characteristics
  • Tensile testing